Kitchen Apothecary Consult


Turn your kitchen into a health supportive sanctuary. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A hub for gathering, serving, creating, and healing. Our aim is to inspire and educate you to feel at home and in alignment with your kitchen. During this two-hour home consultation, we help you make your kitchen your own wellness apothecary where food, herbs, and spices serve a central role in your health.

We’ll be your guide as you explore which foods are in season, how to create seasonally appropriate spice blends, and address which products in your pantry and fridge could be replaced by a more health supportive alternatives. Then we work on optimal kitchen organization and introduce productive meal prepping.

2 hr kitchen consult


what you get

  • composting 101

  • intro to a waste (less) kitchen

  • pantry staples for your body

  • dry spice + herb staples sheet

  • edible herb garden starter tips

  • do-less appliance suggestions

  • food prep supplies list

  • grocery shopping PDF guide