Our menu will consist of a rotation of breads that your whole family will love. From our signature Pain au Levain to seasonal specials like Polenta and Rosemary, we’ll bring you flavors that will make a happy household


As always, please venmo before you pick up- it saves me from making bread and it getting left unpaid/uneaten on my porch. If you've arranged a cash payment, you can drop the cash off in an envelope with your name on it in my mailbox! 


Venmo handle: Alexmaurer (CK logo is my profile picture, 4490 is the last digits of my phone).


We’re a cottage bakery in the heart of Rountree in Springfield. Our intention is to blend old world baking philosophies into modern day living. We specialize naturally leavened, artisan sourdough breads. Each loaf is fermented for 30 hours, ensuring easy digestibility. 


In order to provide the freshest ingredients and support our local grain economy, all of our flour is sourced from Janie's Mill in Illinois. They're organic and kosher growers/millers. We've been playing around with different wheat varieties. We’re sourcing everything based on what’s seasonally available. Please keep in mind, as with any plant, wheat flavor will shift based on the weather conditions it endured during its season of growth. 

Rotating Menu Items: 


 -Pain Au Levain | $7 

Our flagship loaf. A traditional french style loaf.

Ingredients: Bread flour, whole wheat flour, water, Himalayan salt, wild yeast. 


-C|K Table Loaf | $8

It’s packed with a variety of whole grains, ensuring a deep flavorful bite every time you go back for more.

Ingredients: Bread flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, buckwheat four, water, Himalayan salt, wild yeast.


-Herbal Hearth Loaf | $8

Rosemary and thyme dance throughout t no his classic french loaf. 

Ingredients: Bread flour, whole wheat, water, Himalayan salt, rosemary, thyme, wild yeast. 


-Sesame & Spelt | $8

Nutty and warming, this loaf will bring your avocado toast to a new level. Sesame seeds coat the crust for an added extra crunch. 

Ingredients: Bread flour, spelt flour, water, sesame seeds, Himalayan salt, wild yeast. 


-Neapolitan Pizza Dough | $6 

This is raw! You’ll take the dough home and bake it yourself. It will stretch to be a 12 inch dough. Directions will be included in your bag. 

Ingredients: 00 Pizza flour, whole wheat flour, water, Olive oil, Himalayan salt, wild yeast. 


-House Granola | $7

We can’t make enough of this granola. Toasted to perfection and ready to be served with a warm bowl of milk. A favorite in our house. 

Ingredients: Oats, pecans, coconut shreds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, olive oil, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, vanilla, Himalayan salt and cinnamon. 


-Mega Chocolate Chip Sourdough Cookie | $4

 This cookie is HUGE. It’s about 5 inches wide. It’s crispy on the edges and chewy in the center. It’s a perfect treat to drive home with. 

Ingredients: Brown sugar, white sugar, all purpose flour, einkorn flour, butter, eggs,  vanilla, dark chocolate chips, Himalayan salt, wild yeast.


-Ginger Molasses Cookie | $2.75 

Back by popular demand, these cookies are packed with digestive spices. 

    Ingredients: Einkorn flour, bread flour, brown sugar, black strap molasses, butter, eggs, ginger, clove, cinnamon, salt, baking soda. 


-Crown Rolls | $14

These heavenly ancient grain (einkorn!) rolls are infused in earl grey tea, rolled up in date paste ghee, cinnamon and cardamom, and topped with a fresh orange glaze. They are refined sugar free so you won’t get a sugar crash. These come frozen with instructions on how to thaw/bake. They will come in cling wrap. We have a very limited quantity of these. So if you’d like one, order quickly! 

Ingredients: Einkorn flour, bread flour, ozark mountain creamery milk, eggs, ghee, orange juice, maple syrup, dates, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, orange zest, salt, wild yeast.


 -Pink House Alchemy Simple Syrups | $13.50


    - Hibiscus Rose

    - Sarsaparilla